Are you ready to CLAIM your FREEDOM?

✖️ Ditch the self-doubt & voice inside your head that says you aren’t good enough & has you trapped in a cycle of people pleasing.

🧘 Unplug from the need for external validation & reconnect back to the TRUTH of who you are.

🔥 Become your most confident, capable, unapologetic & unstoppable BADASS YOU 🤘.

Buckle up for a FUN, EXCITING, transformational experience designed to create MORE peace, happiness, freedom, purpose, & alignment in your life

This is for you if you are ready to...

🤪 Break free from the web of thoughts that keep you anxious & overwhelmed and a prisoner to your own mind.

🤪 Stop questioning & doubting yourself & ditch the negative self-talk that tells you you’re 'not good enough' or 'a fraud’.

🤪 Shake off the burden of others’ expectations & stop shrinking yourself to please everyone else around you.

🤪 Liberate yourself from the hamster wheel of needing to ‘do-do-do’ & from the endless cycle of self-judgment, criticism, shame, & guilt of never doing or being ‘enough’.

🤪 Unplug from seeking external validation as a means of feeling worthy & as confirmation that ‘you are enough’.

And if you desire to...

👊 Bust through the limiting beliefs, stories, & subconscious programming that keeps you stuck, small, & in hiding, ninja warrior style.

💗 Return home to your heart to become & supremely PRESENT in everything that you do.

🔥 Love, trust, & believe in yourself FULLY & finally be FREE to BE YOU.

🎸 Become a rockstar who feels safe to prioritize your own wants and needs & set boundaries that preserve your own wellbeing.

🕺 Connect back to you & greet yourself with a level of love, trust, compassion, & kindness that you didn’t know was even possible.

💃 Embody your innate power, wisdom, & confidence and claim an unshakeable, undeniable sense of your
inherent value and worth.

Through participating in this 21-Day journey, you will experience….

- The ULTIMATE KEYS & practical steps to connect to your AUTHENTIC SELF.

- How to SHIFT out of being the VICTIM to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life in order to GO AFTER your dreams, desires, & goals.


- My FOOL PROOF method to GET OUT of your HEAD & CONNECT to your HEART.

- The importance & HOW behind UNPLUGGING from EXTERNAL VALIDATION & how to begin to give yourself what you’ve always been seeking.

- Simple & effective SELF-LOVE practices + my TOP TIPS that will have you undoubtedly loving yourself more fully in no time.

- How JOY is the catalyst for all GROWTH & easy, PRACTICAL TIPS on how to incorporate it into your daily life.


- TRANSFORMATIONAL EXERCISES, journal prompts, & meditations designed to bring healing to the parts of you that need it & have been yearning for it most.

PSST - Keep scrolling for the day-to-day course breakout & to preview some of the course curriculum 👀.

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You NEED to participate in this 21-day journey if...

You are READY to STOP FEELING drained, exhausted, limited, and frustrated by your present reality & ready to START experiencing inner peace, happiness, freedom, & confidence on the daily.

You can HUMBLY admit
that you NEED help &
are open to stretch beyond your comfort zone in order to become the most confident, capable, authentic YOU.

You are READY for breakthroughs, to look HONESTLY at what’s truly keeping you stuck, & feel a deeper calling, readiness, & willingness to be the
BEST version of YOU.

Course Curriculum

  Week 1 - Remember your Authentic Self
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2 - Reclaim your Authentic Self
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3 - Radiate & Be FREE to BE YOU
Available in days
days after you enroll

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Maddie's Testimonial

When I learned that Erin was hosting the 21-day Be FREE to BE YOU Challenge, I was really struggling with moving forward on my path. I felt stuck, afraid of the future, lacked trust in myself, I held a lot of resistance to making changes and dedicating time to myself. 

When I finally said “yes!” to devoting more time to ME I was able to get more honest with myself. I could put attention on things that had been holding me back from really committing to creating forward momentum in my life.

I really enjoyed the prompts and content Erin shared that supported our journey through the challenge. Journal prompts, activities, music, periods of rest and integration, words of encouragement and love. 

Throughout the whole challenge I felt supported, seen, was given so much grace for how I chose to show up (which was imperfect but just the way it needed to be).

Everything connected really well together, and our container flowed in whichever direction it needed to. 

It was so beautiful how our realities reflected the work that was being done. Unfolding just the way it needed to for each person who participated. 

It was gentle yet profound and has since catalyzed me into deepening the trust in my emotions and my own essence. To believing that is the gift that I bring to the world - me in my most centered, aligned, whole expression. 

If you feel the ping, the excitement, the pull to really deepen into your heart, your why, your unique individual self, I encourage you to listen to that and invest this time, energy, space, and love in yourself. You won't regret it.

Summer's Testimonial

In all honesty what first drew me to Erin’s 21-Day Be FREE to BE YOU Challenge was Erin herself. I’ve known Erin since kindergarten so that made me a little more comfortable. She was a familiar face. It also made me a little hesitant because I was very open. Open about things that no one knows and I was afraid that I would be judged. Well, I can now say after completing the course that I regret nothing. 

Erin’s course is welcoming and comforting. She puts forth the same positivity and energy as you see her put forth on her posts on social media. She is here to serve. 

When I began the 21-Day Challenge I wasn’t sure what to expect. I desired inner peace, to open my heart to deeper levels of forgiveness, & to stop dwelling on negative thoughts. 

The most profound change I have experienced is my negative thoughts have not been consuming me. I participated in the challenge right between Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are 2 holidays that tend to be overwhelming and for someone like me can create a lot of negative thoughts.

This Christmas was much more peaceful and enjoyable for me thanks to my experience with Erin. I am now able to let negative thoughts go quickly, I am able to put myself in a more relaxed state, and I feel like I am better in touch with myself spiritually. 

It also ignited the spark within me that I needed to get motivated to prioritize me, create healthier habits, & to greet myself with love & compassion rather than self-judgement or criticism. 

My favorite part of Erin’s 21-Day challenge though was all of the breakthroughs that I had. Especially right in the beginning. Things that had always upset me and confused me now made sense. I am becoming a more forgiving person which was one of my greatest intentions. 

If anyone is considering participating Erin’s 21-Day journey, I challenge you to do it. You will have to put in work. You will get emotional. You will have crazy break throughs. And at the end you’ll be glad that you did it. My soul today feels lighter than it did a month ago. I am grateful for what Erin has taught me.

About Erin

Erin knows what it feels like to feel trapped in a box, shrinking yourself to fit into the mold that others dictate & define for you.

Today, she is FREE to be herself.

The last few years have been a journey back to herself, a journey of finally loving, trusting, & believing in herself FULLY, without abandon & inherently knowing & believing that she is enough simply for BEING herself.

Erin busted through her limiting beliefs, shadows, identities, & stories, broke free from her past hurt, pains, & trauma, and learned how to rewrite the script to create a life filled with deep happiness, peace, & freedom.

Her life experiences and participation in Kute Blackson's 12-day Boundless Bliss Bali experience & training in his rigorous & intensive year-long coach apprenticeship program was the exact training that she needed to be able to facilitate the same deep, profound, and tangible shifts in her clients that she herself LIVED & experienced.

Erin’s passion & enthusiasm for serving badasses at heart to waking up to their infinite potential is her soul’s calling and she is so extremely grateful to be living her purpose daily.

Learn more about her story, work, & coaching philosophy at

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